Quick Exam Overview

Price: Please refer to the registration form for pricing
Exam name: Business Language Testing System (BULATS)
Exam Duration: Reading & Listening 75 minutes, Writing 45 minutes, Speaking 15 minutes
Exam type: Computer adaptive:
Exam Locations
: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, New Zealand.

Regulatory body: Office of qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual),
Production: Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge
Support: Association of Language Teachers in Europe (ALTE)

Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) is an exam for the workplace from Cambridge English Language Assessment. The BULATS test is a wonderfully versatile modular test used for the workplace and as an exit exam from tertiary education.  Results are aligned with the C(E)FR, (see the C(E)FR diagram) and presented in an easily understood format for employers who are not familiar with the CEFR.

The exam comprises four papers: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Results for the Listening and Speaking modules can be obtained almost immediately, whilst the Writing and Speaking papers take a few days to be assessed.  A candidate can choose to sit one paper or a mix of papers at the time depending upon their needs.

Why take the Cambridge BULATS exam?

  • The BULATS exam is aligned with international recognised standards and used by governments, universities and major corporations.
  • No long courses of study required to sit the exam.
  • The BULATS exam has no rigid timetable; you can sit the test on any day (by negotiation).
  • The exam is computer-adaptive, no messy pen and paper.
  • Demonstrate your level of English to potential employers and use the BULATS scores for promotion.

Learning Resources

There are online courses available from www.bulats.org/bulats-online-courses    these competitively priced courses offer contemporary multimedia motivating learning material. Candidates can also access sample past papers with an answer key to help them prepare for the exam. There is also a free online demonstration test at www.bulats.org for each skill; Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking

What is the Cambridge BULATS exam for?

  • The BULATS exam is designed to test the language competency of someone who is required to use English at their place of work.
  • Many employers require new employees to sit a Cambridge BULATS certificate in order to demonstrate their language skills.
  • Major corporations use BULATS to benchmark across departments.
  • Required as proof of language ability when transferring between different tertiary courses.

The Cambridge BULATS test

Candidates receive a test score sheet for each paper; one for Reading & Listening, one for the Writing paper and a third for the speaking component – that is three separate results sheets.  Like all Cambridge English Language Assessment exams the BULATS test scores are valid for life, in theory.  However, language skills improve and decline over time, an employer may request a new BULATS test score on occasions.  The Cambridge BULATS results are usually available in 3-5 working days after the exam.

Type of English

Candidates are exposed to a range of English accents in the exam; it is not a purely UK-centric exam. Candidates may write in either UK or US English and each are equally accepted on condition that they are used consistently.

Exam Dates

  • Set datesEvery other Thursday.   Register and pay at least one week before the exam set date.
  • Results are available within 5 working days of the exam, digitally.  Hardcopies sent following digital results.
  • Any date by agreement – Register and pay 36 hours before the exam.
  • Results are available within a negotiated and agreed timeframe by agreement, digitally. Hardcopies sent following digital results.

Exam Fees

All fees are in Australian dollars


BULATS Exam all modules: $320
Reading & Listening module: $80
Speaking module: $120
Writing module: $120
Postage of Results report: $27